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Where do you receive?

I receive guests in my condo in Sainte-Foy. I am located near highways and Place Laurier. In fact, it's a condo that is in a fairly large complex. It’s a super discreet place! 

Is it complicated to park?

There are visitor parking lots, but I advise you to park in front of the complex. 

How will you be dressed when I arrive?

I receive in lingerie or lightly dressed. You can ask me in advance for a style of lingerie that you would like. My manicure and pedicure is always carefully done as well as light makeup depending on the circumstance of the appointment. On the other hand, my style remains refined and natural.

Is showering obligatory?

The shower is not obligatory if you took it shortly before our meeting, but it remains strongly recommended. I ask for at least a good refreshment. In addition, if there are disturbing odors I reserve the right to wear a condom for fellatio. 

I ask you to go to the bathroom to at least wash your hands and take some mouthwash. There is a drink at your disposal. 

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Do you use alcohol, drugs and cigarettes?

I rarely drink alcohol, but if you wish, I can share a glass of alcohol with  You. I don't smoke and I don't take any drugs.

What alcohol do you like to drink?

I like wine, microbrewery beer and champagne. 

What kind of men do you like to meet?

I like to meet a man who knows how to treat a woman with respect.  A man who takes care of his hygiene and who has good manners.  I make no distinction based on nationality. 

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